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Singing Lessons Vancouver

Singing Lessons Vancouver

Maryse Schembr’s in-person  Singing lessons in Vancouver.

Providing students with Singing Lessons and Vocal Lessons in Downtown Vancouver, Maryse’s voice courses specialize in jazz, pop, R&B, musical theatre, and classical.

With Maryse’s Singing Lessons, learn to project your voice in a way that does not damage your vocal cords.

Sing songs in different genres expanding your repertoire.

You will learn techniques to improve your resonance and overall voice quality, increase your range, and build a repertoire that you will have recorded every week to take home and practice.

The singing lessons include: Broaden your vocal range, improving your voice quality, learning useful breathing techniques, and developing your ear with a great vocal coach!

These lessons are suitable for beginners and professionals. No need to feel shy as I will make you feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. The surroundings are warm and eclectic and the view is absolutely magnificent!

Come and take the best singing lessons in Vancouver

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