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How to take care of your voice!

1/ Avoid dairy, sugar, alcohol, and coffee. Dairy promotes mucus. Sugar constricts the blood vessels in your throat and dries your mouth. Alcohol and coffee both lower your voice and deplete your higher notes and dehydrate your body.

2/ Always drink water 45 minutes before you sing as it gives your body a chance to hydrate.

3/ Keep your mouth moist! Eating a green apple is a broadcaster’s trick and really works! Keep this fruit handy!

4/ Drink pulpless juices as the pulp actually coats your throat.

5/ Try not to clear your throat, instead produce a long hum.

6/ Another way of keeping your mouth moist is eating Ricola Swiss Herbal candy without sugar.

7/ Eat a lot of water-content foods (fruits and vegetables).

8/ Don’t eat at least 2 hours before you sing. If you are hungry eat fruit.

9/ If you are going to give a performance, speak in public, or record a session try to keep your speaking to a minimum that day!

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