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Tyson Stockton Testimonial

“I have been taking singing and speech lessons with Maryse for a year and ten months. When I started taking lessons with her I could not sing nor match a notes, but with her expertise and encouragement I can now sing three octaves. I am also singing difficult songs in English and French.   Maryse […]

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Jessica Wampler’s Testimonial

“Within 4 vocal lessons I improved more than I had with 2 years of lessons with another coach. Also having taken her Artist Way class as well, she kicked my butt into gear. I left a soul sucking job without another lined up and ended finding a job that was more up my alley and […]

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Hannah Hall’s Testimonial

“Having taken every class Maryse has to offer, I can honestly say there is nothing this woman cannot do. Maryse is a caring, challenging and encouraging teacher, and will get you where you want to go faster than anyone else. When I started taking piano lessons with her I was at a grade 2 level, […]

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Nancy Blair’s Testimonial

“When I took the Artist’s Way with Maryse, I needed to shine some light in dark places. I had little knowledge of the course and none of Maryse. I came blind. However, I really enjoyed the people in my class, the exercises, and the way Maryse used gentle encouragement and humour to encourage us to […]

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Zachary Throne’s Testimonial

“My name is Zachary Throne and I took Maryse Schembri’s “Artist’s Way” class in Vancouver, Canada. This course was one of the easiest, most fun, most playful times I had ever had. Maryse was a wonderful teacher, coaxing all of us into an environment of play and discovery that always felt safe. I unleashed the […]

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Leigh Maree’s Testimonial

“Maryse is a great teacher. She has a lot of positive energy and helps you find your own sound. Her Artist’s Way class is also very helpful in bringing out creativity and overcoming blocks. Singing jazz songs with her trained my voice well and opened up another way of singing for me.”   Leigh Maree […]

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