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Maryse’s Private Music Lessons

Maryse's Private Music Lessons


Welcome to Maryse Schembri offers a variety of different music lessons including Artists Way, Voice training and Speech Development coaching. She also offers private coaching and career counseling. Courses Include: Basic Music Theory Lessons , Singing Lessons, Piano Lessons, Guitar Lessons, Voice Lessons/Speech Development Coaching, “The Artist Way”, Creativity and Personal Growth Course and other workshops (see upcoming events section).


Maryse specializes in: voice coaching which included singing lessons, personal growth, drama coaching, theatre performance, creative dance,  music theory lessons, piano lessons, guitar, career development, speech and voice acting, group therapy,  and theatre improvisation. All courses are in Vancouver She enables you to move forward, break through artist’s blocks, getting in touch with your authentic self, and connecting and relating to other artists. She is a renowned classical pianist specializing in the Romantic and Impressionist styles.

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